Summer is Here!!

July 04, 2024

Summer is Here!!

Greetings from Maine! Summer is in full swing here. I’ve been to 4 shows already and preparing for more. July is such an amazing month for shows and events I hope that you are able to attend one on the list below! 

I’ve been busy creating some new work and happy to report my cases are full of sparkly pieces to lift your spirits! There are so many rings…one for every finger, bracelets to stack and new necklaces too. I am so excited to show them to you. 

I also had the pleasure of creating a lovely bespoke 14k gold and diamond ring for a cherished collector by melting her inherited jewelry. It was a fun project and one that I will continue to encourage! Diving into the jewelry box for older unwanted styles and creating a new piece is both exciting and great use of gold in these times when prices are going up! Reach out and we can make that happen, the possibilities are endless!

July also brings a great event here at our home. The Montsweag Makers Market and Garlic Tasting. Yes the garlic crop has increased to accommodate the demand. We will have fellow makers and Maine artists and tasting of the varieties of Garlic we grow. We will have a food truck on Saturday as well as tastings of local honey, imported olive oil and so much more! Hope that you are able to attend. If August is your time in Maine then the Garlic Festival and Makers Market might be a great event to put on your calendar. Details are on social media, or connect with me!!

So much to do and soo little time!! So check out the show events below and see what fits in your schedule. If you can’t make it my contact info is below and as many of you know I’m always available by appointment or FaceTime if travel is not in your future. 

Hope that you summer is grand and you get outside and enjoy it’s lovely energy!! 


Here's my contact info:
text 603-475-0762, email me or reach out on Facebook or Instagram. So many ways to stay connected and I must say I'm so grateful for them all!! 

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