Holiday Gift Guide 2023

November 14, 2023

Holiday Gift Guide 2023


Greetings from Maine. November has ticked away so quickly it’s hard to believe that we are half way through tomorrow! It’s that time of year that we are making plans to gather with family and friends for Thanksgiving as well as starting to think of our holiday gift lists. Over the years gifting handmade has been on the top of my list for my loved ones, I hope that it is something that is important to you as well. 

Gifting timeless gifts that are elemental in style and have been staples of mine for years is a great way to begin a curated collection of jewelry for anyone on your list. Perfect for active people and comfortable for everyday wear, these pieces are statements of strength and comfort. 

Get back to basics with the Fish Hook Leather Wrap Bracelets, one size fits all or a custom hand forged cuff or flare ring.  Heart Strength necklaces continue to be an important “give back” part of my life and are a great gift item for anyone on your list, because who doesn’t love a heart?? Simple Ring earrings are the best gift under $100 in a few sizes. These are my most celebrated earrings by my collectors since they go with everything and still make a statement in their simplicity. 

For those looking to add a little pop of color from the flash of gold, start with adding a necklace to your list. Paperclip necklaces have been by far my most popular item this past year. With many choices and numerous ways to curate a well stacked neck collection, these are gifts that will delight and they can be worn together to create a new look with each addition.

With so many options to choose from there is no shortage of new work to peruse on the website so take a look! Reach out with special requests and don’t be bashful. This is a great time of year to plan a custom piece and there’s still time until the end of the month when custom work will be put on hold to fill holiday orders.       

I look forward to seeing you at either of my two shows in Portland listed in links below or a personal connection via FaceTime or text, call or email to connect as well. Hope that your Holiday season is full of time with those you love. 


Here's my contact info:
text 603-475-0762, email me or reach out on Facebook or Instagram. So many ways to stay connected and I must say I'm so grateful for them all!! 

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