September in Maine

September 05, 2023


I spent the day yesterday at the beach recharging and enjoying the beautiful September weather. It’s a truly inspiring place for me, one that feeds my soul in so many ways. The sound of the waves, the smell of the ocean the textures in the rocks and seaweed that hold on to those rocks. All of it brings me peace and feeds my soul.

Several years ago on a trip to Popham I photographed the patterns in the sand. It was cold and Pam and I were bundled up since the wind there can be fierce. The textures left behind from the waves and the wind and how the sand is compacted into these patterns is what inspired my Ripple collection.

Learning some interesting techniques from nicole ring old this past March really allowed me to hone in on what worked to create these pieces. I had been using other various techniques previously with great result but wanted to create some new pieces that weren’t quite as chunky, yes I love chunky, but not everyone wants heavy jewelry.  All of this new work is substantial, but then again if you’ve ever purchased a piece of my work that is the root of it, the essence of feeling the work on your body and the strength it imparts leaves you feeling as though you are one with the jewelry.

I have further pushed the creative inspiration by continuing to add gold to many of the pieces. It has a warmth and creates a wonderful contrast with the oxidized silver. Accentuating the brilliant stones encased in the gold just seems to bring the pieces together with a lovely harmony.

I will continue to explore new work and designs, always keeping in mind that the essence of what I create is meant to be elemental in style. Pieces that work together as a stack or as a statement of their own. This new body of work will be reserved and available at the Laudholm Nature Crafts Festival this coming weekend at the Wells Reserve in Wells, Maine.

The list of future shows is below. It’s been a heck of a year full of busy show travel and now that September has arrived I attempt to slow the pace a bit. It’s a great month to be in Maine and a great one to celebrate the end of summer!! Hope that your summer has been amazing!

Peace, anita 



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