The materials I work with have an organic style due to the surface patterns and treatments I chose for each individual piece. My work is created in sterling & fine silver, brass & copper as well as gold.

Most of my silver is patinated or oxidized to reveal the textures and patterns. These pieces can be easily cleaned with the wipe of a jewelry cloth or 0000 steel wool. Please do not use paste cleaners or commercial silver cleaner as this will remove the oxidization. If you wear these pieces daily, as in a cuff that remains on your wrist the metal will become smooth with wear over time. This is the kind of character that shows the material is not only rugged but sturdy enough for daily wear and creates a lovely patina of and smoothness reminiscent of a comfortable pair of cowboy boots. Yes I do love a good pair of vintage cowboy boots! Copper and brass is not sealed so it is likely to turn your skin color from reaction to perspiration or your body’s chemical sensitivity. Baking soda mixed with a bit of water and a toothbrush will keep your pieces looking bright and new.

Beach stones are coated with a wax in all of my designs and the pieces that allow the stones to rest on your skin will absorb the oils and become more deeply colored with wear. I suggest rotating your piece periodically in order to have an even tone on both sides. Where the stones are riveted you can just rub these some mineral oil if you would like to refresh the depth of the color of the stone. Leaving them untouched will be fine as well. This truly is up to you.

Cable wire necklaces require special care since they close with a tension clasp. Please do not force these open or closed, use a rounded motion when removing or putting on your necklace. Forcing with straighten the clasp and make it difficult to push in or it will come unclasped unintentionally. To clean these please use a soft jewelry cloth and pull gently holding the solid metal portion of the necklace. It is best not to have hand cream or makeup residue on your hands while putting on or taking off the necklace as this makes your hand slippery and you are likely to pull the wound portion of the silver necklace out of the tension clasp. Replacements of the standard neck-wire can be purchased for $50 should you like to purchase one.

Leather in the wrap bracelets can be replaced once worn, also can be rubbed with oil to refresh the look. I have even used coconut oil for this, any oil that is not an allergen to you and will not go rancid is suggested. Worn leather cording can be replaced if you return the entire piece to me with a $5 bill, I will restring and ship first class your refurbished piece to you within 1 week.

If you would like me to be re-patinated any silver piece I am happy to do so, please include $5 for first class shipping. It is my pleasure to revisit a creation!

Feel free to contact me with any questions with regard to the use and care of any of my creations.