Heart Strength

Heart Strength necklaces were designed and hand crafted to benefit a non-profit that funds research for Congenital Heart Defects in honor of my Grandson Finn Lockwood. The Children's Heart Foundation (who donates 75% of their fundraising to research for CHD) will be the recipient of 10% of all of my proceeds of every heart necklace that I sell in this series. I've been doing this fundraiser since 2016 and continue to do it year round. After a very successful campaign on social media of raising over $5,650 in the month of February in 2016 began thus journey, my addtional doncatons have been over $7,800. I felt that giving back was my calling with these designs. Connecting with others who need heart strength for whatever journey in their lives is truly my honor.
Each of these pendants usually is in stock and hand crafted so if sold out please allow 2 weeks for delivery.