Heart Strength

little boy holding dragonfly

I have always felt that if you lead with your heart the journey will be amazing. It is with my heart that I began my Heart Strength Designs line of heart jewelry in February 2016.  It was a Grandmother's (or Hunny as the Grandboys call me) way to give back and help fund research for congenital heart defects or CHD as they call it.

My Grandson Finn Lockwood was born with a CHD called Ebstein's Anomaly, as well as a few other heart related concerns and spent 10 very intense days of his newborn life in the NICU in Boston Children's Hospital. Today at 8 Finn is an amazing kid! He's had his first ablation surgery to correct his SVT and  he is holding strong....heart strong!  Finn will be scheduled for other surgeries as time requires for now he is leading an amazing life, swimming, baseball, surfing, snowboarding, skateboarding and loves to play games and art! This guy is full of life, loves all of natures creatures and living every moment to he fullest.

For the Little Lockwood family, or anyone who has a family member waiting on serious heart surgery this is not only a life threatening ordeal, but becomes a mission of education, awareness and advocacy.

Finn loves to snowboard and even knitted his own hat!

Little boy with heart pendant necklace

My goal with Heart Strength Designs is to give back to an organization named The Children's Heart Foundation in my Grandson's Finn name. This foundation donates 75% of it's proceeds to research for CHD, an admirable organization full of amazing survivors and supporters.

Metal heart pendant necklaces

The success of the campaign began in February when I pledged 100% the sales for CHD. I made 44 necklaces and raised $5,650 for the month donating all of my time and materials. It was extremely gratifying to have the support of so many of my collectors, family and friends both new and old to make this happen. We celebrated Finn's 2nd birthday by sending off the checks in March, 2016 with smiles and hearts full of love. 

Celebrating Finn's birthday with check to support The Children's Heart Foundation
Metal heart necklacesKids climbing rock wall

With each blow of the hammer to pattern each heart I feel a tug of gratification that I am able to make a difference, for someone who needs it. Connecting with others who need heart strength for whatever journey in their lives is truly my honor. Hearts rule!


Each of these pendants usually is in stock and hand crafted so if sold out please allow 2 weeks for delivery.

I  am overwhelmingly excited and proud to be able to help to make a difference with my donations that will be used for research for Congenital Heart Defects.

As I move forward  I continue to donate a portion of the proceeds to The Children's Heart Foundation. Whether you purchase a piece directly from me at a show or online or at one of my amazingly supportive retail/gallery locations that carry my work I will pledge to donate 10% from each Heart I sell. This is my way of continuing to give back in Finn's honor and also a way to do what I can to raise awareness and funds for CHD research. Thank you all for making these donations possible and for supporting others struggling with lifelong Congenital Heart Defects.