Teardrop Australian Boulder Opal & Hemomorphite Gold Paperclip Earrnings

 Australian Boulder Opals are linked with 18k gold paperclip and silver rings hanging from 18k gold earwires. Set in 22k Gold the opals are a lovely example of the range of colors occurring in these stones. These have a full range of colors, from reds, pinks, greens and blues. Complemented by pale aqua colored Hemimorphite oval druy stones set in silver.                                     

This boulder opal pair is from Broken River Mining and ethically sourced from Australia. Its color palette of a rainbow of colored are magnificent. Opals are known to give power for you to achieve dreams and purify your heart as well as detoxify and cleanse negative energy. Striking in their color variations this is a dramatic stone pairing.in its 

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