Whale Bone Thick Brass Necklace

Reminiscent of a whale bone this hand forged untreated brass whale bone shaped necklace is patterned with either the linen or bark pattern and measures approximately 1/4"+ x 1 3/8" long with soldered oval silver rings. Each piece has been hand hammered and will oxidize to a natural aged brass color. Easy to polish with light steel wool or a jewelry cloth to keep it shiny. Each pendant hangs on a 3mm leather adjustable cord from 16" to 29" with two slip knots. These are in stock, please provide the leather color and pattern when ordering.

I offer a $5 replacement of the leather over the life of the silver. Simpley send the pieces back to me with $5 cash and I wll replace and mail via standard postal service for you at anytime! 

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