Aquamarine Ripple Cuff Silver & 18k Yellow Gold

Like ripples in the sand that are blown by the wind and worn by the waves here on the coast of Mainer, each of the pieces in this collection are indicative of nature and its effect on my visions in silver. Created by fusing silver and sculpting the definitions and depths, each piece is unique and one of a kind as in nature, the same but different.

The mineral Beryl is a gem that comes in various colors and varieties. Aquamarine, Emerald, Heliodore as well as Morganite and Goshenite along with Yellow Beryl. This large round high dome rose cut stone is a statement piece. Set in 18k yellow gold to highlight the brilliance and clarity of the stone.

This cuff is structured for a wrist that 7-7.25” Please provide wrist size information due to the nature of the structure these cuffs cannot be sized smaller. Please contact me for similar stones and custom cuffs similar to this. 


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