Labradorite Medallion Necklace

It's built from sterling silver that I melt to create a thick chunky medallion that lends itself to an organic shape. I hammer the shape of the base with a sledge hammer to get the shape I desire thenI texture the surface with my antique hammers. The result is a softly textured surface that complements each gemstone stone with a rugged structure and elemental style. All of the medallion pieces I create has it's own unique shape and now two are exactly alike due to the nature of the process. This particular piece has a live edge that shows a raw structure from the hammering, unique and edgy!

Each necklace resonates with my authentic, organic style and can be worn all the time. One of a kind the pendant is accompanied by several different chain choices.  Please see the image with the coin for size reference.

Please contact me with an inquiry about other designs with this kind of stone or other tone choices as well.


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