Rondel Earrings Large

The Rondel collection is a culmination of my desire to share the energy that is transmitted by my antique hammers with their textures juxtaposed with the use of rounds of both 18K and sterling silver to create bold contrasts. 

The Rondel Collection consists of strong elemental designs with rugged structures. Each one includes hammered Rondels or rounds of silver or 18K gold that have been patterned with my signature texture. Metal rondels were a form of protection in ancient armor of warriors and I have designed my interpretation of them as a distinctive adornment to share energy of strength and protection for those that wear them. It’s my desire that the warrior woman in each of us comes forth and in turn we can summon our inner strength while wearing these pieces

These earrings are hand hammered in my signature pattern adorned with silver and gold. Each pair will vary due to the unique quality of my process. The 18K gold in each pair is the same weight but varying sizes will be incorporated due to my process. These earrings are special order only, so please allow 7 days for delivery!

1” Disc Diameter


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