Indonesian Marcasite Agate Necklace

Marcasite is sometimes called "white iron pyrite" was used in the early by the Incan, Greeks and Egyptians, also popular in Art Nouveau style jewelry. These current large agates contain the characteristic markings and can be mistaken for pyrite which is more common. This gemstone has powerful energy for meditation it's a talisman for wisdom, courage and creative expression. Marvelous in it's graphic qualities it will surely attract attention. 

It's built from sterling silver that I shape and pattern with my antique hammers. The result is a softly textured surface that complements the unique stone with unusual markings. A chunky half loop bail has 3 jump rings and are all finished with an oxidized patina and a hand polish. This stunning necklace resonates with my authentic, organic style. 

Please contact me with an inquiry about other designs with this kind of stone.


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