Eudialyte Chunky Oval Ring

Eudialyte is a gemstone known to help discover what your life path is. A stone that promotes creativity and has positive vibrations. The stone has a mottled appearance of magentas, pinks, black, brown and some feldspar as well. A stunning thick stone that makes a real statment. 

It's built from sterling silver that I shape and pattern with my antique hammers. The result is a softly textured surface on both the face of the ring and hammered wide thick shank that complements this iridescent stone. Finished with an oxidized patina and a hand polish this ring resonates my authentic, organic style. One of a kind, no sizing available. If you are interested in a similar style please contact me with an inquiry  

Specs:                                                                                                                     Size 7 3/4                                                                                                                  Shank: 1/4" chunky thick  hammered band                                                                                                    Ring Face: 1 1/2"x 1 1/16" 

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