Crazy Lace Agate Chunky Square Comfort Ring

The Chunky Square Comfort Ring was designed with an elemental style to highlight the stone as well as have a shank that is both rugged and unique in its shape. Hand forged from silver round wire the process creates a ring that is squared in shape with a soft round shape for the ultimate in comfort for a thick band ring. Available in several stones and sized as a chunky band, usually sizing up as much as a half size. These rings are not able to be sized due to the process of creating texture on the band. So please contact me if you have a request for a similar ring in a different size.

This stone is a natural square Crazy Lace Agate and is a size 9.25.

Sometimes referred to as the laughter stone, Crazy Lace Agate helps glance and protect. Brings joy and absorbs emotional pain. Great patterns and colors in this square stone.



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