Chrysoprase Amulet Necklace

Cool calm and serene both in color and energy this Chyrsoprase amulet necklace has an abundance of good vibes. Healing and soothing to the nervous system this gemstone is known to give a strong boost of healing energy through the heart.

It's built from thick sterling silver that I shape and pattern with my antique hammers. The result is a softsoftly textured surface. Rimmed in thick silver to create a encasement for the gemstone and spheres. Adorned with 4 large 18K gold orbs it further brings a warmth and energy of wisdom and clarity. Links of hand forged silver & 18K connect to the pendant and close with my signature fish hook and link closure. All hand made, thick and complimenting the structure of the pendant. Oxidized and hand polished to give it an authentic, organic style. 

One of a kind, adorned with a hand forged hand built round linked chain. This is a one of a kind of stone, only available as described.

Specs:                                                                                                             Pendant: 1 5/16"  Hangs 1 1/2" long                                                                                                  Chain: 19"                                               

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