Beach Stone Silver Pendant Soft Dark Grey Triangle Stone

My roots in being a maker began with Maine beach stones. This penbant dose not disappoint! A large triangle shaped stone is the centerpiece of this statement necklace. Tumbled by the ocean for enough years to be smooth and supple each beach stone is from the coast of Maine and only rubbed with wax to hilight it's soft luster.  Not altered in any other way, the character of the stone is what draws you in. 

It's built from sterling silver that I shape and pattern with my antique hammers. The result is a softly textured surface on both the face of the ring and hammered wide thick shank that complements this dark gray stone. 3 silver rings hang from a thick bail and move freely to allow movement in the pendant.  Finished with an oxidized patina and a hand polish this ring resonates my authentic, organic style. One of a kind, no sizing available. If you are interested in a similar style please contact me with an inquiry  


1 7/16" wide by 2" long hangs 2 1/4" from bail                                                                                             

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