Rectangle Charoite Fixed Chain Necklace

CHarriet has magnificent swirls and eddies of violet, lavender and purple. It is rare and complex, one of nature’s best dream stones and illuminators. Reported to be found only in Siberia, Russia it helps access lessons leared in past lives and heals emotional fears and helps with spiritual guidance..                                                               

It's built from sterling silver that I shape and pattern with my antique hammers. The result is a softly textured surface that complements the amazing stone. Two small rugged rings fix the oval cable chain with a hand crafted hook closure. This stunning necklace resonates with my authentic, organic style is rugged and interesting in it's asymetrical  shape. Overall measurement 20” with the ability to shorten to any length.. 

Please contact me with an inquiry about other designs with this kind of stone.


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