Little Beachstone Cuff No.1

Little: Cuff with a rugged structure but thinner stature and smaller stones. 

Hand picked beach stones from the coast of Maine are such a treausre and the lucky stripe stones are sought after for their good energy they contain. Simple set in a fine silver setting this cuff can be worn daily in it's rugged structure. Beach stones are rubbed with wax to protect their luster and highlight the unique characteristics of each stone.

Hand forged recycled sterling silver wire is forged with my signature sand pattern and measures5/16" in width.  Each cuff is hand hammered, oxidized and hand polished to reveal the texture  and organic style of my jewelry. Rugged yet a bit maleable in it's shape each cuff has a size range, but can be made smaller if need be. Suitable for everyday wear and perfect to stack along with your other bracelets.a

This cuff will fit a 5 - 6 1/4 " wrist. Please include your wrist size in the comment portion when ordering. 

If this cuff is out of stock and you are interested in something similar made to your specific wrist measurements please contact me with sizing information directly.

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