Fish Hook Leather Wrap Brass

Adjustable 3mm round leather hand knotted to a hand forged circle of unfinished brass that measures 1" diameter and 1/8" wide with a hook closure that is also hand forged to give the illusion of an elementally styled fish hook. The hook portion measures approximately 1 3/4" long and 5/16" wide, hand formed and forged. Both are patterned with either the linen or bark pattern, natural brass is untreated with a pattern that gives it a distinctive look when it naturally oxidizes. This item can be polished to keep shiny or allowed to naturally oxidize and appear antique in finish. This leather wrap may also be worn as a necklace and as a unisex piece. Urban and rugged a comfortable piece for everyday wear. These are in stock please chose the  leather options below.


I offer a $5 replacement of the leather over the life of the silver. Simpley send the pieces back to me with $5 cash and I wll replace and mail via standard postal service for you at anytime! 

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